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The perfect accessories to accompany all your spices. Use Regency's specially recommended grinding tools, and storage containers to make the most of your spices and herbs. Grind fresh, store safely, and get the best flavour possible out of them for a whole year.

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  Share our beloved spices with your friends and family by gifting them a Regency Gift Certificate. Comes in various denominations of HKD and ... keep reading.
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The Regency Microplane is the perfect grinder for spices and herbs. It's razor sharp, and lets you freshly grind your spices into a fine powder in jus... keep reading.
HKD 40
Ex Tax: HKD 40
Pestle & Mortar
The Regency Pestle and Mortar is the perfect crusher for spices, herbs and seeds. It's heavy and strong, and lets you freshly grind your spices into a... keep reading.
HKD 130
Ex Tax: HKD 130